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4 Times I Told You Johnny Football Was Going To Cleveland

Created on May. 14, 2014 12:34 PM EST

There are many, many times when, in the course of trying to craft an entertaining column, I wind up being wrong about something. Not a detail I can source or a statistic I can quote, but when you get into the prediction business, you're going to miss as often as you hit. On the occasion that I am wrong, I am humble about it, most often on Twitter. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I seldom put myself on a limb as much or as often as I did on this prediction. Normally, when I'm futureizing, it's about TV or about Santa's future or about playoff intangibles. Those are things I think I can safely predict with a bit of thought and luck.

There are other times when—welp—I'm loud wrong. To prove that I'm not above telling you when that's the case: read this after this weekend's draft and laugh at me.

Go on, you earned it. 

But this is not one of those times.  

On four separate and distinct occasions, I called my shot. I had Johnny Manziel going to Cleveland, repeatly, regardless of what the media reports said.

To paraphrase New York Governor Mario Cuomo: "If you don't sing your own praises, there is no music."  

So this column is that. Get your puke buckets ready.  


1. Right Here on's End Around Show in January  

2. Right here on's Debate Team in March

TJ Hatter: Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell are now gone, and owner Jim Haslem is an SEC guy; it seems clear that Cleveland is clearing the way for Johnny Football. It's also not just the moves in free agency which will clear the way. It's possible that the bizarre coaching change — I mean seriously, who fires Norv Turner as their offensive coordinator? — was all about finding people to bring in Manziel and incorporate that type of offense. Cleveland deserves something to be excited about. Manziel would be it.  

3. During my Mock Draft just hours before the Draft   

4. Last, but not least, Draft Night   

If only I'd put money on it. I even have family in Vegas! I've failed you, Joe Scumaci. But thankfully, on this one, not you, dear reader. 

I'll endeavor to keep up the streak in the future. In the meantime, congratulations to Cleveland Browns fans on your brief, sweet indulgence in hope. May you still feel that way in October.

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