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Playoff Expansion Cha Right!

Created on Apr. 24, 2014 9:51 PM EST

Am I the only one who is crazy to think expanding the Playoffs?  It is a slap in the face to the teams that deserve to be there.  After seeing the Cards come so close last year and not make it in a packed division should only make them thirst for that seat more.  If the owners and NFL commission allow this to happen then we might as well strap in for the medico roller coaster that used to plague the Pro Bowl.  

Finding ways to increase competitive spirit are wonderful, however lowing the bar is only going to reduce the quality of the team that sees the post season. Striving for perfection is what should be rewarded.  This handing out participation ribbons (extra playoffs seats)  at the professional level is more damaging to the game than flat out telling a team their terrible.  

Yes there has been some worthy teams that missed the playoffs in its current format, but isn't that going to make them attempt to be more dominating next season.  Personally, I would rather see worthwhile (10-6+) teams not make it and try harder the following year than a couple of 8-8 teams  come in either lose in a blowout, or injure a particularly rock star player that year.  

Being a Giants fan I know how awesome it is having your underdog team make the playoffs by the skin of there teeth and win it all after that.  Isn't there enough left up to chance?  The playoff schedule is fine the way it is Goodell.  If you really want to increase the amount of teams that make it in then I have a suggestion for you....is everybody listing?  

EXPAND THE LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!  More teams means more football!!!! Increase the duration of the season maybe. This also gives you more off reason to have more teams in the playoffs.  Now that problem is solved I'm going on break!  
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