Who Is Dumb Enough To Sign DeSean Jackson?

Created on Mar. 31, 2014 1:49 PM EST

During the early afternoon of March 28, the Philadelphia Eagles released Pro Bowl receiver Desean Jackson. 

The move saves the Eagles $6.5 million against the salary cap, but everybody knows that's not the real reason Jackson was released.

Jackson's off the field issues have been well documented right down to his unofficial ties with the Crips gang. Jackson is not an official member of the gang, but has direct ties to the gang and specifically Crips member Theron Shakir. Shakir is also a rapper for the label Jaccpot records, which is owned by, none other than Desean Jackson. You'll notice that Jaccpot is spelled incorrectly. Reason being, Crip gang members do not under any circumstance put a "C" and "K" together because that means "Crip Killer." Ironic isn't it?

In December 2010, Shakir was one of two men charged with the murder of a 14-year-old boy. The boy was riding his bicycle by Shakir and Marques Binns when the boy flashed rival gang signs at Shakir and Binns. The boy was then shot and killed. Shakir was acquitted of the murder and Binn was sentenced to 15 years. Jackson was never a suspect but the relationship between the two men cannot be ignored.

Jackson's name also came up in 2012 in a gang-related murder outside a building in South Los Angeles where a party was being hosted. Jackson was not part of the murder, however, the building belonged to him and was leased to a family member. During the investigation there was a significant amount of evidence at the business with Jackson's name on it. Jackson also never returned phone calls to detectives.

In the first game of the 2013 season against the Washington Redskins, Jackson scored a touchdown, and during his celebration he stuck up his hands and made, you guessed it, Crip gang signs. This happened on national television and surprisingly wasn't made a big deal of until the recent news of a Jackson and Eagles break up.

There has also been anonymous reports from within the Eagles organization that Jackson has been greedy. These reports claim that that Jackson has demanded a new and more lucrative contract nearly every year he has been in the league. 

If you do the math the writing has been on the wall for quite some time, and the wise Eagles executives finally gave Jackson his walking papers.

Where does Jackson go next? 

That is the million dollar question. Recent speculation has the Oakland Raiders as the favorites and the New York Jets as a possibility.

But both teams would be complete fools to sign a star player with gang ties.


The Crips gang is based in South Los Angeles, within the same state as Oakland. With the Jets he'd be minutes from New York City where there is a significant number of gang members as well.

To me the bigger question is why does this nonsense even take place. A bunch of immature athletes who cannot handle the millions they get paid to play a game. These players think they're invincible. Within the past two days 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver who made headlines last season with racial remarks, was charged with felony hit and run of a bicyclist. Culliver was also charged with weapons possession. Ray Rice was indicted for aggravated assault on his girlfriend who he married a day after his indictment. I could go on and on with these examples, but there's no point.

When does it end? 

When the NFL and Roger Goodell start treating the players like people and not untouchable self-entitled prima donnas.       

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