Worst Draft Class Ever?

Created on Mar. 18, 2014 10:07 AM EST

The 1983 NFL Draft is often listed among the finest classes ever, with a loaded QB crop (Marino, Elway) a HOF back (Dickerson) and one of the era's best corners (Darrell Green).

You could argue that the following year ranks as one of the worst drafts ever. Blame the USFL, which took the best of the class. Of the 336 players drafted by the NFL that year (12 rounds) not one has made their way to Canton. That as compared to six from 1983 and four from 1985. The best 1984 rookie? Free agent pickup Warren Moon, who was shunned by the draft years earlier. Top pick Irving Fryar made five Pro Bowl teams, but in some respects he was a disappointment; receivers are rarely picked that high.

If anything, 1984 was solid in the front seven - Carl Banks, Wilber Marshall, Keith Millard, Bill Maas. And RB Earnest Byner deserves an honorable mention.

But no studs in this class.

Is 1984 the worst class ever?
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