Matt Natali

Who caught the ESPN 30-for-30 film 'Youngstown Boys' about Clarett/Tressel?

Created on Dec. 19, 2013 9:03 AM EST

I thought this film on the Clarett/Tressel situation was well-done in that the producers drew great parallels and congruency between the two men. Both are from economic-stricken Youngstown, Ohio, both rose to prominence on the NCAA football scene in a short period of time at Ohio State, and both eventually were cast out of the University by their own actions.

One flaw in the film was Andy Geiger's conspicuous absence as an interviewee. Reports surfaced that Geiger was contacted for comment, but declined. However, there should have been a note or disclaimer at the end of the film during the follow-up scripting mentioning that the former OSU Athletic Director was contacted and declined comment. It would have at least shown that the filmmakers made the effort to get all sides of the story because Geiger is portrayed as rather villainous in the film.

I could have also done without Jim Brown calling out Geiger as a 'slave driver'. I think that made the film dance on the race line when race was never a part of Clarett's situation at Ohio State.

In all, I think the film came full circle in the end, I am glad to see Clarett is using his past experiences to teach and inspire others now (it was also cool seeing all that old footage of him in his only season at OSU - man - he was a hell of a talent).

Here is a link to my look at the reviews and purpose of the film:
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