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Pele vs Maradona. What do internet statistics tell us...

Created on Jan. 03, 2014 7:09 PM EST

Not a long time there was a discussion here ,"Pele vs Maradona". I was a Pele proponent, and tried to prove his advantage by providing a number of search results for Pele and Maradona terms.  While my sluggish calm opponent Teamdoc stated that "You cannot judge a player by the number of Google results", I still think that great players are players whose fame doesn't fade as time passes. 
So I have decided to explore Pele vs Maradona popularity more, and above you can see my compilation of graphs from the Google and WolframAlpha.

The first graph shows Google trends for search terms Pele Football and Maradona Football.  Looking at this graph, let us keep in mind, that Pele retired in 1979 - 35 years ago and Maradonna retired in 2000 - 13 years ago  (BTW, It explains why he was ranked so high in the same year FIFA poll mentioned  by teamdoc). As you can clearly see, interest in Maradona has declined  much faster than Pele's 
in the last couple of years ( BTW, peaks of interest reflects the World Cups).
Wikipedia results compiled by WolframAlpha are more interesting. It shows that interest to Pele dominates over Maradona at all time...

Now about the third graph.... The first Google graph shows results based on search query matching (search query has both terms) , not on understanding that we compare two people related to football. To be fair I provide the third Google graph, which shows interests over the time based on Google's search engine understanding of context - basically the machine takes into account that we want data related to Pele and Maradona footballers.
It clearly shows that interest to Maradona fades, but interest to Pele is stable over time....

Maradona is a great player, but Pele is a legend. 
Quod erat demostrandum.
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