The whole Manning-Brady thing

Created on Jan. 11, 2014 11:51 PM EST

OK, here's what we know...

Dating back to 2001, when Brady and Manning were both active and starting QBs, the stats stack up like this:

Regular season (counting healthy starts/stops)
Brady 147-42  .777
Manning 139-50  .735

Brady 18-7  .720
Manning 10-11  .476

Brady has won 10 of 14 head to head

Please explain why (a) most football experts, fans and historians list Joe Montana the best QB of all time, but also place Manning ahead of Brady. This is the accepted order. Yet Brady is clearly the Montana of this era, and you could argue he has done more with less - both statistically and sustained winning pct. Manning is a better version of Marino. We praise his line of scrimmage genius, yet overlook his inability to lead his teams to victory when it counts.

Better receivers? Manning
Better backs? Probably Manning, even though this is something apologists point to
Better O-line? Brady, but close
Better defense? Brady
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