Cody Carrete

Northwest Rivalry Recap (Part 2 of 3)

Created on Apr. 05, 2014 5:26 PM EST

Just after the break, Weber did make a mistake by dropping the ball to Dempsey's feet, luckily not conceding a third to the bitter rivals.

After so many crazy missed goals from Chara in his MLS career (two goal in 91 games before today), he scored another from range. A right-footed strike using the defenders as a slight shield. Seconds later, Maxi finally gets off the mark, albeit with an ugly and unnecessary dance, to score his second goal of the season. Marshall failed to close down Urruti after being let through by Anibaba. He curled a beautiful shot from about 22 yards out. The heavens could not have opened up any more, or at any better time in the season, or against any more hated opponent, or in any more spectacular fashion. Right in front of the Timbers Army.

Timbers went close to making it five goals on the day. Paparatto had a header hit the bar as well, coming down and out off of Deandre Yedlin's face to bounce on the line. Correct call by the referees. 

Of all my criticisms of Kalif Al Hassan, he was certainly engaged in the match. Several successful dribbles made the midfield difficult to control for Seattle. He seemed a long stronger than most of the Sounders and frustration began setting in. Yedlin was booked for a robust challenge on Nagbe - the 30th foul of the match at the 69th minute. That should be quite telling of the physicality and passion.

Valeri, while finally playing well did have a couple poor free kicks, never beating the first man again, one finding its way to 19-year old Alvas Powell who shot from 22 yards out, only to go out for a throw in about 16 yards off the end line, if that isn't telling of the accuracy.

Finally Seattle had a dangerous response in the second half, with Neagle spinning Harrington around and around, passing to Deuce who plays a delicious ball into the box. Martins heads over from about five yards out. It's like he is hoping Portland take the win. Another flurry of follies happened a minute later with Portland lucky to come away unscathed, Then Dempsey makes it three chances in six minutes with a pivot shot that Weber had no chance at getting, only for it to roll just wide.
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