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What's Happening with PTFC?

Created on Apr. 02, 2014 12:05 AM EST

Portland again dropped points this season, leaving us with only two through the first four matches. Much can be said about why and how we lost points, but also not much can be taken from this game. The same was with the snowy-ish match played a mile above our currently rain-drenched city.

Mike Mo' Money and Je-Vaughn Watson were dismissed and Root Sports did not have footage of the incident. The center ref did not see it. The linesman made the call and the ref put his faith in the assistant to issue the cards. Nobody in the stadium saw it and the lack of footage from smartphones in this day is somewhat of a sign that nothing really happened. Harrington's statement later was routine. He maintained that they both pushed each other, something he stated happens in every game he has played. I tend to agree. Soccer is a physical sport, filled with passion, and throwing around some weight is nothing out of the ordinary. It's all in good fun so long as it's not cheating or violent. 

Before the mysterious double-red cards, we were bossing the match. Some say it was an even sending off because each team lost a man, but that was hardly the case. We lost a decent defender and they lost a winder. Moving a player to left full back is much more difficult than shifting the midfield, compounded by not having a direct replacement on our bench. Combine this with the fact Nagbe pulled up with an injury required a different shift of attention, because we lost our best player. The thing is, FC Dallas saw this immediately and capitalized at a crucial time.

They grabbed a goal just before half-time, with a super-lazy Paparatto making yet another mistake. What is it whit this guy and why did Caleb Porter decide to sign him? He has shown nothing of merit. Terrible in the air (headed OG in preseason), repeated poor recovery tackles (constantly out of position and not in line with Kah), and actually outside of the box on this goal (why would a CB be out there when they were clearly shaping an attack?).

Oh yeah, nobody can score. Gaston has failed in the last two games. Urutti has not produced anything of quality (and no, he did not create our goal because it was an off-target pass. Had it been an off-target shot, I might have a different view).

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