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Fantasy Marketwatch: Gameweek 24

Created on Feb. 01, 2014 3:48 AM EST

The transfer window for Winter 2014 has officially closed. A lot of talent has officially left the league, again. Hopefully everyone has removed Cabaye from their team, permanently, and if the point loss makes sense, replace Lukaku, Ramsey, Aguero, and Coleman.

Last week, in the throttling that was  Liverpool vs. Everton, Everton fielded Alcaraz and Stones. Yes, the result was horrible, but Martinez believes in them. They are young, and the future of the team. And very cheap. Naismith will also probably start in place of Lukaku. These guys are cheap purchases, facing off against draw masters Aston Villa. The potential for a nil nil draw is high. 

Crystal Palace heads to the Emirates and Mertesacker and Skrtel look like sure bets for clean sheet points on the day. On the same day, we will see Chamakh try to find out where the goal is. This is the kind of game that Podolski scores big on. He's healthy. He's a better finisher than Giroud. He's undervalued. 

A lot of home teams face strong oppositions. Hull, Stoke, and West Brom will face Tottenham, Manchester, and Liverpool, respectively. Fulham, now defanged, will face a bitter Southampton looking to set the record straight, fresh off loaning away domestic abuser Pablo Osvaldo. 

Question: Should you invest in Cardiff loaner Zaha? Yes. He's set at midfielder, priced at £5.4, and if he scores, he will earn 5 points a goal. He's playing against Norwich, who have lost their punch from last season. 

Question: Should you invest in anyone from Newcastle? No. Wait and see what happens. They just sold the glue that holds the team together, and brought in a young player that flopped in Luuk De Jong. De Jong could be good, but what about the midfield? It's hard to see this as the same bunch of players. In fact, it's possible that Newcastle suffers a sad mackem Saturday, because the Black Cats are stronger than before, while Newcastle is now kind of weirder. It's amazing to see that the second highest fantasy point scorer on Newcastle is Tim Krul, aka Adam of Greyskull. 

Westham vs. Swansea? Westham just signed Marco Borriello. Borriello isn't incredible, and his haircuts are often bad, but he's a workhorse, and Westham are going to give oppositions a lot of problems with him. Not to forget Nocerino, but his long range fluke goals are not going to translate to the Prem. This is about Borriello. Borriello has the potential to score. But if you are interested in any player for Westham, Nolan is it. He's going to be given more freedom to be creative and move in space, and he has the scent for the net. Fantastic player, who has willed two separate teams through promotion to the Prem. Deserves his own museum maybe.

Manchester vs. Chelsea is fantasy kryptonite. No one wants to bet on freight trains colliding. Personally, packing too many City players from last week, and too many Chelsea players. I fear my run in the playoffs may all end tomorrow, 

Or it could go on forever.

In which case I'm doomed.
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