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Moyes Must Take Advantage of Meulensteen Sacking

Created on Feb. 14, 2014 4:26 PM EST

What do you do when you witness the oldest team in the Premier League experience the equivalent of a mental seizure? In the Premier League, you take full advantage. 

"I knew that the owners were freaking about a bit because Fulham could be relegated, but they’ve already had that attitude 10 games back," explained Rene Meulensteen, as he departed the managerial position at Fulham. 

Alex Ferguson had the gravity to know, after Cristiano Ronaldo picked his Manchester side apart, so many moons ago, that he had to buy Ronaldo, and bring him to Old Trafford. Meulensteen is no Ronaldo, obviously, but he out managed Moyes, and Fulham split points. Meulensteen did not enter the match with the feeling that he would be defeated. That's the attitude he took from working alongside Ferguson. 

That's the attitude that Manchester United needs to regain. 

If anything, bringing back Meulensteen could bump up that struggling Man Utd stock price.

The stars have moved for Moyes. Now it's up to him to do what any reasonable man should do. Bring Meulensteen back as an assistant. Manchester United need him. 

However, this could all be premature, as it looks like Fulham may not have parted ways with Meulensteen after all, according to Manish Bhasin: https://twitter.com/_manishbhasin/statuses/434438557202395136
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