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Seahawks Draft Central- Seantrel Henderson, OT Miami

Created on Apr. 06, 2014 12:59 PM EST



STRENGTHS: Henderson is quite the physical specimen, and his extremely long arms coupled with quick feet for his size allow him to excel in pass protection. He's been surprisingly successful against speed rushers on the edge, showing he's much more athletic than his size would suggest. He's also a plow in the running game, where his underrated speed allows him to get to the second level and block linebackers/safeties to open up running room. His length also allows him to latch onto defenders in space and make key blocks.
WEAKNESSES: Physically, Henderson has all the tools to be a first round draft pick. However, he's been wildly inconsistent during his time at Miami, and most of his problems stem from maturity issues and injuries. He was suspended for violating team rules on three separate occasions during his college career and also missed several games following back surgery in the 2011 season. He's never started more than 9 games in a season, which could be a red flag for many teams. He also "quit" during the middle of his pro day workout last week, although his agent says Henderson was simply dehydrated.

WHERE HE FITS: Every draft has a few players like Henderson who have incredible natural ability and show glimpses of stardom during college, only to end up disappointing you when they can't put everything together. Henderson teases you at times by dominating the line of scrimmage when he wants to, but he plays like a light switch most of the time. When he wants to be great, he can turn the switch on. But he's turned the lights off way too many times as a Hurricane, and his inability to successfully complete his pro day workout once again raises red flags about his commitment and focus on football. The Seahawks have a great offensive line coach in Tom Cable who could bring out the best in Henderson, but Seattle should probably stay away from this talented enigma until at least the 4th round. Another team may take a risk on him much earlier than that, but his stock could plummet after last week's debacle. If he's still around on day three, he could develop into a low risk, high reward late round selection for the Seahawks.
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