Troy Gorham

What Stole the Show?

Created on Feb. 03, 2014 4:07 PM EST

Other than the score, and the fact that Peyton didn't look like Peyton. What do you think stuck out the most to you about the Super Bowl? Was it the tone setting safety the first play from scrimmage, which I can't even believe I just said? Was it Russel Wilson stepping up to the plate along with his young receiving squad. In my mind, it's the fact that that the Broncos continued to let the Seahawks get to Peyton Manning and hurry, bother, and disrupt him play after play without leaving Moreno or a tight end in to block or at least chip an end here and there. You would think that in the game of all games you would do whatever it took to keep your meal ticket in a position he could do his thing. Now I know that Seahawks front is great, but they bring four every down! I wouldn't think it would be a tough decision to keep an extra blocker, or two if need be, in to at least help them keep them away from my franchise.

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