Blake Lovell (36)

Why American Football Fans Shouldn't Make Fun of Ties in Soccer

Created on Aug. 01, 2014 12:54 PM EST

I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why American football fans don't like the international version of football, or soccer as it is known in the United States.

But one main reason that always gets brought up in a heated discussion about the value of both sports is that unlike the NFL, soccer doesn't always have a winner.

Sure, this is absolutely true. I cannot deny that fact.

However, in soccer, ties actually mean something. So while NFL fans can use ties as a reason for not caring about the sport, they should first look at their own tie system to understand the vast differences between the two.

Guess what happens if two teams tie in a soccer match? Both earn a point. Guess what happens if two teams tie in an NFL game? 


In soccer matches, teams are actually rewarded for having gone out and produced competition. In turn, the points that are earned go a long way towards determining which teams stand out above the rest of the pack.

Just like in American football, there isn't a ton of parity in the league from top to bottom. When it comes to the Premier League, we all know that Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal are going to be near the top.

When a bottom-tier team is able to force a draw with a top club, it provides intrigue. If ties weren't present, there would be zero interest in the entire season because we all know the top clubs will always win.

In a perfect world, there would always be a clear-cut winner and loser. That doesn't necessarily mean that it would be best for a particular league's system, though.

A system like the Premier League works flawlessly with ties because it makes what would normally be predictable completely unpredictable. It gives the little guys a chance to actually earn something for an outstanding effort against a league powerhouse.

No, I'm not calling for the NFL to implement a policy in order to award teams half a win or something outrageous like that. The two sports are different in terms of how the league operates.

But when an NFL fan uses the lack of a true winner or loser in soccer ties as their main reason for not watching the sport, it's rather ridiculous.

Because when you think about it, ties in the NFL are much more ridiculous than ties in soccer. 

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