Dan Harralson

Titans Training Camp: Practice No. 13

Created on Aug. 13, 2014 9:40 PM EST

(On communicating this week’s game plan)
Usually Friday morning, maybe Thursday night, maybe tomorrow night at the hotel. We have a meeting Saturday before the game when we tell them. I’ll tell them that’s when we’re going to tell them what their playtime’s going to be.
(On switching out players from last week to this week)
We’ll do some things. We’ll switch some different spots to look at them. It’s kind of hard, because last week was really hard to evaluate as far as all that goes. It was an evaluation, but it wasn’t what you would use normally as an evaluation.
(On expectations for this week’s game)
I think offensively, handling a dry ball. We should be able to see a lot more of what we can do offensively. We’re not trying to game plan or run all of our offense, but just see some match up with some players and being able to win. The field wasn’t awful, but to evaluate somebody running a route or on a blocking assignment just because of the way the field was or even the way the defense was playing was a little bit difficult. Defensively, we’re going to evaluate tackling, see if we can do that a little bit better, and our fits on defense. Those were the two areas that we need to get better at, and that’s what our focus is this week.
(On sloppiness as of tackling in week one of preseason games)
It sure seems to happen that way. I’d like to not expect it, but I think you’re aware that it does happen. I think every year, at this time, we’re talking about that.
(On the value of this week’s game as an evaluation)
You get a good feel for the guys from the standpoint of having been in practice with them this long and competing with them. You want to see them in game situations, but we’re going to have to play it by ear, per se, and see how the game goes. There are a number of things that we have to evaluate, besides trying to worry about a rotation.

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