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Titans Training Camp: Practice No. 9

Created on Aug. 06, 2014 8:52 PM EST

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt After Practice

(On practicing after a day off)

It was hard today. It was a physical practice, and it was hot, and that was planned, to see how they handled that. The heat wasn’t planned, but the physical pads were. One thing that was very difficult is we did some installs today without a meeting. What you find out is guys that can pick it up on the run and guys that don’t. For what we got out of it, I thought it was good work today.

(On adding changes to practice)

They get the point. You don’t always have to yell or do what you might consider drastic to get something changed. There was a reason for it today. I knew that there was some install that hadn’t been covered, so at those periods, those things were drags, then we get a chance to talk about it and correct it, but we won’t tolerate it.

(On Zach Brown's consistency)

I just want Zach (Brown) to continue. He’s on a plane that’s moving upward, and the challenge for him is to continue on that.

(On the rotation)

If players don’t know now where they are in the rotation, they’re probably not going to make the team, then.

(On Jake Locker and Kendall Wright)

It was a good play. It was one of the things we’d worked on, and it’s good to see it executed the correct way. Just one of those plays that worked during practice.

(On Shonn Greene and the top of the depth chart)

We had to list somebody at one. We’re rotating those guys, and he was the senior member. He came back and has worked hard. That’s where we are right now.

(On seniority as a factor for the depth chart)

For instance, the corner position is a good example of that. Coty (Sensabaugh’s) got a little seniority on Blidi (Wreh-Wilson), so Coty was listed on top today. It’s all subject to change. We rotate guys in and out. Certain days, guys get reps with the one, certain days they don’t. It’s all about trying to find the right 53.

(On cutting Tyler Wilson)

It’s kind of three-fold. We needed an extra spot, so we had to make a move. Looking at that position, we just felt like Zach (Mettenberger), we needed to get him more work so we could find out. Also, we wanted to get Tyler (Wilson) an opportunity to get with another team, because I think he did a good job with us, and he’s exhibited qualities that he could play in this league. It’s very tough if you go down to the last cut, and then you’re out there. It was a combination of probably those three things.

(On starters against Green Bay)

Some of it will depend on where we are, injury-wise. I think we obviously want to get our starters in there, maybe fifteen plays, but it could go more. It could go less, depending on how it goes.

(On communicating with radios)

The communicator out here is not as clear as the one in the stadium, so when we went to the stadium the other night, it was really good. Sometimes here it’s a little fuzzy, but it’s good. It’s a good thing to work with.

(On communicating plays to the defense)

You face challenges with anything, I think, but we work on it. That’s why we work in practice with noise. We’re going to do that again tomorrow. Just for that reason, because you’ve got to be able to communicate, whether there’re signals as a backup and communication amongst the whole guys. We work hard on that. When you add the noise in, it makes it more difficult. That’s why you’ve got to practice it.

(On calling plays during games)

It’s like one of those fire-and-forget missiles. You call it in, and you’re looking, and if something’s going wrong, then you have to communicate it by signals or by some other fashion. Hopefully, you’ve got somebody out there that understands it and can get guys on the same page. We’ve got good guys in the secondary and in the linebacker corps, so hopefully that communication’s good.
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