Dan Harralson

Fourth of July Edition: Torrance Gibson Talks Recruitment

Created on Jul. 04, 2014 10:25 PM EST

Torrance Gibson is one of the highest touted recruits on the recruiting trail in quite sometime.

Gibson not only displays tremendous athletic ability on the field, but high character off the field. 

On this Fourth of July where most are celebrating our great nation's birthday, Gibson takes time to answer five questions as he approaches The Opening and his upcoming senior season.

1. What is your favorite part of the recruiting process? 

"Meeting new coaches and looking at all different campuses around the nation, along with meeting new people."

2. Who has been the coolest athletes/individuals that you have met on visits and/or camps?

Josh Malone, Dillion Bates, & TK from Tennessee."
3. How excited are you to be participating in The Opening?
"I'm very excited and I'm bless to be given a opportunity to go against the best of the best and compete. I just want to finally show everyone that I am a quarterback and that I can play the position."

4. Why do Tennessee and Auburn stand out to you? 

"Those are the two schools that showed the most love and stayed in touch with me the most."
5. In your own words, describe what Butch Jones and Gus Malzahn mean to you?

"They mean a lot and they're both hard working, successful coaches in their own way. I can't wait until this season to see what they can do with their talented football team."

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