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Tennessee Fall Camp: Practice No. 6

Created on Aug. 07, 2014 10:09 PM EST

The Vols hit the practice field for the sixth time during fall camp 2014. Here are video highlights:


Butch Jones After Practice 
(On the QB race)
"Not where we need to be and every individual has to take accountability for their performance and we are not playing winning football at that position right now. I am always going to be brutally honest with you and those three individuals need to step up. It is just an overall consistency in performance. It is not completion percentage because when you say, `well, they are 60 percent.' What about drops? Efficiency is what we are hunting and we are not efficient right now at that position. We are going to go back and we are going to refine it but our passing game needs to take monumental strides in the next couple days in moving forward."
(On the kicking game)
"Aaron [Medley] has been, take one practice out of the mix, he has been pretty consistent all camp so far. George Bullock as done some good things along with Derrick Brodus day it was good to see, we did some game-ending kicks at the end at different field positions, assorted hash marks. I even from the left hash and the right hash, at the one-inch yard line because the angle is so much different. Aaron Medley as five-for-five with pressure and that is why we concluded practice. We will continue to manufacture stressful situations for these individuals but as you know field position and kicking game are critical elements to winning football games. I have been pleased to far with the performance of those individuals. So I have been happy with that so far."

(On players distancing themselves)

"I do not want to call anyone out right now. Some veterans, Curt Maggitt continues to bring it each and every day. Another individual who has really upped everyone's level of play has been Derek Barnett. Derek Barnett has had a tremendous camp, his effort. He made one of the best plays I have seen in a long time two days ago in practice. Where he caught, chased Devrin Young down the sideline about 30-yards running for the football. And it has been great to see. Derek Barnett has elevated the defensive line play. He is one of the individuals that stick out. Elliott Berry, we continue to challenge him, we are asking a lot of him in terms of playing nickel, playing some WILL linebacker, moving him around. It is just overall consistency as a football team that we need each and everyday. Too inconsistent right now."

(On letting freshman speak to the media)
"First of all, I think this class has great maturity. Our Sports Information department does a great job of really teaching them how to sell their personal brand. They are going to play and they are going to be in some mini battles. They have to go on the road and play in the SEC, go on the road and play against Oklahoma. Playing what I think is the best fan base in the country. So why not let them talk to the media? Because they are going to have to play in front of hundreds of thousands of people all the time. Part of a maturity factor as well."

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