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Tennessee Fall Camp: Practice No. 8 & 9

Created on Aug. 09, 2014 7:09 PM EST

The Vols hit the practice field this morning and scrimmaged tonight inside Neyland Stadium. Here are highlights from practice this morning;


Tennessee Under The Lights Inside Neyland – Butch Jones After The Scrimmage:

"Jalen Hurd continues to get better and better."

"Derek Barnett continues to show up for our football team. He's the one that's really standing out."

"One thing about tonight is developing football endurance. Our line has to be ready to play 8-9 plays without a break."

"You play the way you practice and we have some young guys still figuring that out."

"I thought all three quarterbacks took a step tonight – I saw marked improvement in the quarterback game. I saw them manage the offense."

"I liked our approach for this football team, I thought we grew up a little bit, I thought we matured a little bit. It started with our approach this morning with a lot of special teams work and just overall fundamental improvement. Tonight, anytime you get the chance to scrimmage in Neyland Stadium, it's very special."

"I thought both sides of the ball had their moments. We did some coming out situations, great illustration, the offense - we started on the 1-yard line and the offense drives the ball, they get down to the 2-yard line and we turn the football over. It is a great illustration for our defense, just give me a place to stand, just keep playing, just keep scratching, keep crawling. Then on the other hand, we have to finish the deal, you have to reward your hard work. It was a 13 play drive and we put the ball on the ground on play 14. We can't do that and expect to win football games."

(On the quarterback playing during the turnover)
"The quarterback on the drive, I believe was Nate Peterman."

Jalen Hurd

"I'm definitely getting my reads down, naturally running the ball and getting used to it. Getting the tempo of the game and stuff like that. We are definitely picking up the tempo. I'm getting into a lot more shape and like I said, we're coming out here and busting our tails. The more we work, the more we get out of it."
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