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Tennessee Spring Ball: Practice #1

Created on Mar. 07, 2014 8:07 PM EST

The day has come and Team 118 hit the practice field for the first time during the 2014 spring practices.

Here are quotes/sound-bytes from Spring Practice #1.

Dobbs, Ferguson and Worley talk about the QB race 

Butch Jones

"I liked our energy today and our focus."

"Our passing game needs a lot of improvement, it starts with making big plays. Today we had big plays with quality individuals."

"There was an energy, there was a spirit, there was a competitiveness that I hadn't seen before."

"They coached each other. It was a loud practice and I liked that. Communication is key."

Josh Dobbs

"It was extremely productive day. I feel good, I'm 100 percent. Today was another chance to get on the field and play the game I love."

"We have been putting in extra time. Getting stronger and improving on mistakes and getting better."

"Game experience is extremely valuable. Great to have film to see what I need to improve."

Dobbs on Josh Malone and Von Pearson: "They had a great practice. They understand the offense. I'm excited what they can bring to offense."

"Adding 10-15 pounds has really helped my game. My weight is at 210 right now."

Justin Worley

"Great first day or practice. Light years ahead of where we were last year. Von and Josh picked it up very well."

Worley on his thumb injury: "the thumb has come along."

Riley Ferguson

"I'm just trying to get better every day. We ell each other out."

"I had command of the Playbook halfway through last season."

"I'm focused on this year. I listen to what the coaches say and do what they say."

"My weight is the biggest thing, I came in at 173, now I'm 198."

"I feel I have really good command of the offense and worked to get the chemistry down."

"The reps were spread out among all the QBs."

"It's a competition, but we are helping each other. I just focus on getting better every day."

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