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Tennessee Spring Ball: Practice #9

Created on Apr. 01, 2014 8:51 PM EST

It was a warm day at Haslam Field for Tennessee's ninth spring practice of 2014.

The temperature hit 80 degrees for the first time this spring, but youth and development were still the topic of discussion headlining Team 118.

"We are building young men and a work capacity," Butch Jones said after practice. "Now we are getting through and finishing an entire practice."

Finishing and competing within practices have somewhat seperated some individuals from others, while some individuals are 'tapering off'. "Every rep is at a premium for competition," said Jones. "Every moment is a teaching opportunity. You have to be tough on every play."

Jones took the podium following practice and gave an overview on Team 118's progression:


Butch Jones

"We took some great strides in terms of our tempo offensively. We ran the football. I saw improvement in QB position."

"We will have a great assessment after the Orange and White game. Then we will have 18 newcomers join us is June."

"We are so young, we have talked about since day one. We are learning everyday."

"We have to put the RBs in position to succeed. Marlin Lane is in position to be a leader and he's playing the way a senior should."

"Curt playing LEO, we are asking a lot of him. We are asking him to put his hand down since he's been an LB since he was 7 years old."

On AJ Johnson: "One of his key attributes are his blocking schemes. He understands the mental side of the game."

"We want to dictate tempo on offense. We have made improvement. It is a B- after being a D- after the first scrimmage."

"I don't think I have been a part of a program where you have to rely on newcomers at so many positions. They will play at LB, DL, OL."

"It's a great opportunity to attract the best in recruiting. You will have a chance to play a lot early on at Tennessee."

Jones on the QB's: "I want to see them manage every situation. Be able to create plays when there is nothing there. Really take care of Ball."

"Eric Fisher is a great example, where we played a true freshman and had success."
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