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Tim "Big Wall" Howard

Created on Jul. 02, 2014 1:41 PM EST

This World Cup is revealing what we should already be known. Timothy Matthew Howard reached his great form, like the wine gets it´s better taste with ages.

The US Soccer goalkeeper´s performance in Brazil it´s memorable, unforgetable. He became simply the goalkeeper with most defences in a single World Cup game, yesterday against Belgium. 16 major defenses against a powerful and fast opponent´s attack.

Used to play in the competitive and strong English Premier League, Howard was ready to stop great players from Germany and Portugal, for example. 

Tim is currently playing on Everton, and curiosly faced the team mate Mirallas, that  by the way, watched a Howard´s piece of art defending US Soccer team´s goal.

The United States team was brave, until the end of the game, and their performance in this tournament was worthy. 

As I wrote before, I belive that from time to time, the american league will become stronger, great players from the worldwide will play for the american teams, the people will get more into the soccer, and they will start to create the culture on the youngest to play this game since the beginning, in high school, universities and inside the clubs either. 

I believe in just few years, the US Soccer team will figure between the best teams in the world.

Returning into the goalkeeper´s performance, this post is a tribute for what Tim Howard did and represents for this generation. If the US Soccer left the World Cup this time, they did with the head up, and it´s mostly because of Tim Howard.

His position asks for too much confidence and concentration. And for a goalkeeper, seems that the carreer goes better with the years. 

He is a truly hero for his team and supporters. I´m sure the americans are proud of Tim and the whole team. 

I hope that the will to support, watch and follow the soccer stays alive in United States, because the things should to be better each year.

Was great to this World Cup records to have Tim Howard playing in a top quality in brazilian fields.

His feat will always be reminded.

Thanks Tim!

Image Source : Philipp Zachl

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