Spurs to Finish 4th1?!?!?!

Created on Jan. 09, 2014 5:11 PM EST

Mark Here,

This is the first posting in my Blog Series Football Far & Wide which will cover any and everything in the funny old game that we all love and hold so dear to our hearts. 

Where else to start than with one of my if not my favorite clubs in the World, Tottenham Hotspur? They are not Real Madrid or Chelsea but every year they remain very competitive with a ridiculously smaller budget then those clubs and that speaks volumes to what the Club stands for.

This festive time of year is one of the most anticipated for us on both sides of the game, from the sheer number of games to the actual goals that seemed to get scored during the Holidays, it has to be one of the best hands down. Minus the lose to the Arsenal, we have done well all things considered. Our actual play on the pitch could have been better but we are looking good going into the second half of the Season.

On to the next matter of Business, going to have to give the nod to Eriksen for player of the year so far. Being a big Paulinho fan, Erikesen has been the game changer and we need him to continue on this form. His vision, interplay and even finishing has been top notch and well glad I am that he has came on board. 

Adebayor has had a good run of form of late, but the issue has always been his consistency. Let us hope this continues under Sherwood and this business with Defoe gets squared away and we get a replacement next to him who can feed him and make us that much sharper. Harry used to say we are a few players away from European Success and I think that is true to be a cement top 4 side as well.

With that being said, hope you enjoyed this Introductory Blog and Stay-Tuned for the next installment and until then COYS!!!!


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