Culture Clash

Created on Jun. 20, 2014 10:54 PM EST

     In a world where the number one sport both played and watched is football (soccer here in the States), the United States always seems to be lacking. When I travel to other countries the coolest thing about the sport that I not only play, but I live, is that where ever I go, whether it is a bar, a school, or a church, I am always able to speak to someone about it. It truly is a universal language. When in countries other than the United States when a big game is on, the place shuts down as families are glued to their televisions to watch the game. The following week the game is analyzed in every aspect as every major player gets critiqued on every detail of the game. It is not just the die hard fans of the team that are doing this, but the entire soccer community. This is the United States problem. 
     Here in the States we grow up in a very diverse sports culture. You grow up with many different sports to choose how to ply your trade in. You aren't born into a culture where football is idolized and you are indoctrinated to love your team through thick and thin. It is fantastic to see the country rally around the USMNT during the world cup. But the way that we will create a winning mentality, how we can be a favorite to win the world cup instead of a country where our own manager is truthful enough to tell us that we can not win the cup. We need a culture change. We as a soccer community are slowly moving towards becoming nationally recognized as a body of fans as we continue to build popularity around MLS. By continuing to build popularity and to build an attractive style as a national team we will be able to build towards the future of United States Men's Soccer.
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