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Joe Gibbs Believes Snyder Will Win A Super Bowl

Created on Mar. 01, 2014 10:29 AM EST

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many fans of the Washington ‘Skins that share Joe Gibbs’ sentiments, but the former coach believes that team owner Daniel Snyder is capable of constructing a team capable of winning a Super Bowl.

“Every time I get a chance to talk about Dan, I try to tell people that when I was there he did every single thing he could do to help me win, Gibbs said. “And when we lost football games, it was my responsibility, not his. He did his part. And if it was 12 o’clock [midnight] on free agency, he was there with me and we wouldn’t leave until 8 in the morning.

“So I really feel like Dan — all it takes is the right combination. If we get the right combination together, I think Dan will do what he needs to do as an owner. That’s for sure.”

Snyder isn’t particularly well respected or even liked by Washington’s fan base. He more often than not gets blamed for the team’s struggles and inability to find any consistent success, so hearing someone of Gibbs’ stature publicly support him is surprising.

Gibbs’ optimism is directly correlated to the hiring of new head coach Jay Gruden, and it certainly carries weight as he is the winningest coach in franchise history. Gruden will be replacing Mike Shanahan, who ended what was supposed to be a four-year tenure one season short.

“I’m excited,” Gibbs said. “When I talked to Dan, he said, ‘I’m totally relaxed that I think we got the right person.’ You pick up on all the things he says and the fact he’s actually been running an offense, making the calls from the sideline and he’s going to do the same thing with the Redskins. So you have a good feeling about the offense. And he went out aggressively, went after his defensive staff and special teams. That’s a crucial thing to go with his skills because he’ll be on offense. I think everybody seems to be excited about it and I think he is.

“I told him, ‘You’ve got the greatest job in the world. I think you’ve got the right owner, somebody that cares and will do whatever it takes to win.’ I said, ‘You’ve got the greatest fan base in the world, the greatest franchise.’ ”

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