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Brazil tough it out defeating Chile in a Penalty Shoot Out

Created on Jun. 28, 2014 7:33 PM EST

The first match of the Round of 16 kicked off as Brazil looked to knockout their South American neighbours Chile. It was a physical start by both sides as the tackles flew in hard and fast by both teams. Brazil were looking to build their attack up utilising a lot of passes. Chile on the other hamd were looking for the long penetrating pass to release Sanchez in the forward line. An equal start as both teams were limited to chances from distance. Then the Brazilian side slowly settled the game down and started to control the possession. A patient attack saw the home nation earn themselves a corner and their star player Neymar stepped up to take it from the left side. His cross was curled into the centre of the box, where Hulk managed to get a head to the ball and flick it onto the back post. David Luiz was the first to react as he managed to get his body in the way and bundle the ball into the back of net. 1-0 and Brazil take the lead in front of a jubilant home crowd.

David Luiz opens the scoring in the 18th minute from a set piece

Chile in some trouble as they were now a goal down and playing in front of a Brazilian dominated crowd. Chile slowly settled and started to enjoy some possession of their own but found it hard to get any clear chances. Brazil were pushing up high and keeping the pressure on Chile disrupting their normal style of attacking football. All the pressure was causing Chile to make some bad choices as they started to make some poor passing choices and gave up possession needlessly. Brazil calmed the match down and started to let Chile push higher and then look to exploit them with the pace of Neymar. Neymar was also dangerous up front and was causing some trouble to the Chilean defence and was also becoming a target as the tackles were getting stronger on the Barcelona forward. Then Chile would strike back after Brazil would make an amateur mistake in defence. Brazil had the throw in deep in their own half. Marcel played it towards Hulk who took a very casual touch and allowed Vargas to get to the ball. Vargas made an unopposed run into the box and he would square it off to Alexis Sanchez. The defenders were too far and gave him enough space to slot the ball into the bottom left corner. 1-1 and Brazil would be left scratching their heads after allowing Chile to score so easily. Brazil would look to strike back immediately and Neymar would almost do so as he made a great run into the box and rose higher then the defender, only to see his header go inches wide of the post. Neymar once again would cause problems as he got behind the defenders but just took an extra touch when should have shot it and allowed the defenders to get in the way. The ball would ricochet to Fred who couldn't keep the ball down. Chile then should have had another goal after some poor passing by Brazil once again in the back line. Chile would once again intercept the pass and some desperate keeping by Cesar kept the ball from going into the back of the net. 1-1 as the teams entered the halftime break and Brazil needing to talk about some of their defence choices.

Alexis Sanchez equalised for Chile in the 31st minute after some poor defending by Brazil

Brazil definitely started the brighter of the two in the second half and after only five minutes the whole stadium thought they were back in the lead. Hulk would make a great run forward and was picked out with a long high cross as he made a run into the box. He controlled the ball down to his feet and then slotted past the keeper and into the back of the net. Though the celebrations were cut short as the ref would cancel the goal and show Hulk a yellow card for using his arm to control the ball. Brazil outraged but the ref's decision was final. Chile then woke up a bit and started to push forward and put some pressure on the Brazilian defence. Though they won a few free kicks near the box they failed to make any clear chances at goal. Chile would continue to press forward and almost found themselves in the lead after some great linkup play between Isla and Vidal. A clever one-two pass between the two gave Aranguiz a great chance on goal from inside the box. Julio Cesar though would come to the rescue of Brazil and make a great save to deny the Chileans. The game continued on, as both teams now had the match theirs for the taking. Brazil now started to look slightly desperate of the two as they started to look for the long ball towards Neymar. Fred and Fernandinho were both taken off, as Ramires and Jo were brought on to try and win this game for the host nation. The match eased up as both teams defended well and didn't push too many players forward as the minutes ticked over. Hulk would almost steal the game in the final minutes, though his great run past the defenders and then high shot towards the left side was punched clear by the keeper.

90 minutes would be played out and the teams now entered extra time to decide who will go into the Quarter Finals. Both teams looked tired out there but they gave it their all but a winning goal still could not be found and penalties it was to decide who will go through. Luiz stepped up first for Brazil and scored . Pinilla was the first for Chile and he would strike it straight down the middle and an easy save for Cesar. Da Silva stepped up next and he would send the keeper the wrong way but miss the target. Alexis Sanchez would slowly walk up for Chile and see his shot saved once again by Cesar. Still 1-0 for Brazil after two shots each. Marcelp then stepped up and drilled it into the back of the net to give Brazil a 2-0 lead. Aranguiz would also score to give Chile their first. 2-1 and Hulk stepped up and powered a shot down the centre but the keeper would get a foot to it and gave Chile a chance. Diaz would then draw it level for Chile and Neymar would step up and send the keeper the wrong way to give Brazil a 3-2 lead and all the pressure was Jara to keep Chile into it. Unfortunately for the defender his shot struck the inside of the post and rebounded clear of the goal and sent Brazil into the Quarter finals.

Brazil celebrate their win to send themselves intto he Quarter finals

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