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Chile knock out Spain out of Brazil with a 2-0 win

Created on Jun. 18, 2014 7:22 PM EST

Spain are out of the World Cup after losing both their opening games to the Netherlands and now Chile.
After the demoralising defeat to Netherlands everyone expected Spain to bounce back and show why they were the defending champions. Chile though had other ideas and they were about to show to the world that they weren't in the cup just to fill the numbers. The Chileans started off strong and slowly started to apply the pressure on the Spaniards. They trapped well and looked dangerous when they counter attacked. Then in a shock to that rippled the whole world, Chile took the lead in the 19th minute. CHile won possession in their own half down the right side. They fed the ball forward and Aranguiz did well to pick out Sanchez inside the box. As the Spanish defenders scrambled to get back, Sanchez picked out Vargas who almost slipped but managed to get a last ditch touch on the ball and poke it home. 1-0 and Spain knew that the clock was ticking and needed to find a way back into this game.

Vargas celebrates as Chile take the lead against the reigning champions

Spain now on the verge of being knocked needed to increase the pressure on Chile and dig themselves out of this hole. Spain's game was off though, the crisp passing game and the movement from the players just wasn't there and you could feel the tension build on the shoulders of the players. Their first chance at goal finally came in the 27th minute as Diego Costa had a chance from inside the box. Though the angle was difficult and he blasted the ball into the side netting. Then the unthinkable happened as Chile would double their lead just minutes before the halftime break. Chile won a free kick outside the Spanish danger area and Sanchez stepped up to try and curl it in. His free kick was almost perfect. It curled over the wall toward the right post but Casillas was there to punch it away. Unfortunately for him it fell at the feet of Aranguiz who was just inside the box. With the outside of the foot he powered it back and into the back of the net. 2-0 and Spain with it all to do in the second half.

Aranguiz doubled the Chileans lead with a wonderful strike in the 43rd minute

The second half saw Chile absorb a lot of pressure in their own half as Spain looked to keep their World Cup dreams alive. Though Spain just weren't clicking together and the players were getting frustrated and then the tackles started flying in. A few cautions but Spain strating to look desperate as the minutes clicked over. 
In the end though Chile held on and would knock out the 2010 champions and send them home, as Chile and Netherlands would progress from their group.

Spain on their way home after being knocked out of the World Cup as Casillas thinks what might have been

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