Drones, Tanks, and Riot Police: The Brave New World Cup

Created on Jan. 17, 2014 8:02 PM EST

It has been reported that the Brazilian government will spend upwards of $900 million dollars on security and surveillance for the World Cup.
Those of us not making the journey to the spiritual home of the Beautiful Game will spend close to four weeks this summer sneaking Gamecast at work, calling in sick, requesting vacation, and/or going on social media blackout for the duration of the day to return to the confines our living rooms and DVR's.
From the comfort of couches, with cold beverages in hand, we will see our heroes take the biggest stage in all of Sport - the Fifa World Cup.  
We will see our heroes battle for their legacies.
We will see moments of magic and drama forever seared into our memories.  
We will see cutaways to beautiful women in tight fitting yellow and green t-shirts 
We will see sombreros, drums, and painted faces.
Inside the stadiums the landscape will be a well choreographed paradise of corporate brands and logos.  
Outside and above the stadiums will be a very different reality...
Swarms of Drones will patrol the skies ever-watching those who cannot afford to enter the stadia.  The eyes in the skies will monitor the activities of what are likely to be tens of thousands of protestors voicing their outrage at economic disparity on the homefront.  
The stage is ripe for confrontation and sadly perhaps innocent bloodshed.
10,000 'special riot police' have been recruited from around the Country to disperse and break up the Black Bloc and other protestors.  Equipped with facial recognition technology (think Google Glass for profiling ‘insurgents’ not for videoing your cat being weird) to identify and catalog individuals who dare to voice their opposition to the status quo.
And did I mention tanks?
Brazil has contracted with Germany to purchase 34 German anti-aircraft tanks for the Pope’s visit last summer, the 2014’ WC, and the Olympics.
Safety and security is important to the success of the World Cup.
But in the Age of Inequality the story lines of WC14’ could well have been inked from the pen of Orwell, Vonnegut, or Collins.
Welcome to the Brave New World Cup…
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