Vadim Derkach (27)

Problem of Russian Soccer (and English?)

Created on Jun. 23, 2014 6:38 PM EST

The Foreign Policy has published an interesting article:
Few quotes:
"At the 2014 World Cup, Russia is the only country to have every member of its squad playing soccer domestically."
"The artificially inflated salaries of Russian players discourage progression. (Arguably, English players also commanded a premium unrelated to their talents -- some would say they still do -- when Capello was in charge of the England squad.)"
"With the World Cup coming to Russia in 2018 .. No one wants a repeat of Russia's abject performance in ice hockey at the Sochi Olympics; Russian nationalism demands better. And yet, the irony remains -- if their country is to enjoy a good World Cup, Russia's stars would be better off leaving."
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