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The last moves of the "fuoriclasse" Andrea Pirlo

Created on Jun. 25, 2014 12:28 AM EST

When you watch a game of the Italian team, the "Squadra Azurra", you can capt that something simply does not fit. There is a player that "pop-up" on the pitch, leaving the sensation that there is something different on that team of guys wearing blue.

This is Andrea Pirlo. One player from a different era.

There is none football players around the world with the same field domination, ball control and touch. He is a trully maestro.

When you see Italia leaving the competition untemely, you se yourself saying good bye to a rare player. 

With 35 years old, this was his last World Cup, as he said few days ago himself. Maybe do not thinking Italia would leave the tournament so soon. 

And the reason why the "Squadra" has lost their chances is the lack of Andrea´s Pirlo qualities in other positions,

The ball itself passes trough different feets during the game, and when it encounter Pirlo´s feet, smiles. He changes the game´s direction, intensity and quality. His decision´s during the game, add some magic into the whole process as a football game.

A corner kick, a free kick, a long shot... all becomes different when Pirlo touch the ball.

That´s sad for italians and football fans, to see Pirlo´s last moves into the four lines. We don´t know when and how Italia will produce or generate another player such as Andrea. The last soldier of a winner generation of the european football power.

All I have to say rigth now is to thank him so much for this great player he was in his carreer and keep him in my memories as one of the best midfielders  I´ve ever seen. For Italia, the next years will be tough, once we have no clue that another person is ready to assume Pirlo´s position with the class he used to perform.

Who knows that Andrea will use his experience to start to build a new Italia generation, as a coach or direction? It´s a suggestion.

Arrivederci Andrea Pirlo, Grazie mille per tutti.

Image Source: Илья Хохлов
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