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The World Cup of American Nations

Created on Jun. 24, 2014 7:46 PM EST

Brazil 2014 World Cup is the most american World Cup from the all time? 

It may be early to say, although the first stage of the tournament shows that Americas are well represented by their teams. 

The biggest surprise by now is  Costa Rica with out a doubt. In the group of death, the smallest selection of the the groups, has beaten nothing less than world champions, as England and Italia are eliminated from the tournament.

In the same group, Uruguay, leaded by Suarez, took the second place to keep their chances alive in the run to replay the Maracanazo

In group A, the host and favorite Brazil, met his obligation but not with out some unexpected difficulties. Along with Brazl, "los chicos" from México played very well and stayed with the second placing.

Another great surprise, not by qualities themselves but more because the opponents; Holland and Spain, the current champion, is Chile.

A confident victory against the number one send them away home earlier, and stuck on the ground the chilean feet in playoffs.

Colombia has lost their greatest player Falcao Garcia few days of the premiere in championship. The critical and the fans became worried about the team performance. Now, some say that Colombia discovered a new and efficient way to play, involving their opponents. They won the three games by simply playing amazing soccer.

Argentina is one of the favourite, specially because they own the best player, Lionel Messi.  And he has good company, surrounded by Aguero, Di Maria and Higuain, they complete the fantastic foursome. The first games were tough, but then Messi showed his magic. Argentina might be in till the end for this competition.

United States are the third and not least important surprise of the World Cup. They won against Gana and let the second victory esacpes in the last second in a unreal cross from Cristiano Ronaldo against Portugal. Anyway, it seems that the US Team will be on the next phase, with justice. They are playing a very organized and consistent soccer, 
which might be the reason soccer is taking the US by storm latley. No one can say that United States is an inncent team in soccer any more. They are working hard, and I believe in few years, they will be in top 10 of the World.

There is only one vacancy opened for a American team which Equador and Honduras are fighting for also. They both can be out, otherwise, still have one place to be filled.

At the end, we will have at least 8 teams from America in the battle for the title, what means 50% of the whole competition. 

The European Leagues can be the strongest, but this World Cup in Brazil shows that the american players are the greatest.

Let´s wait for what comes next!

Image Source: Danilo Borges
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