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Goodbye Cabaye - Fantasy owners update your rosters, again.

Created on Jan. 29, 2014 8:33 AM EST

The winter transfer period is gentle to no fantasy owner. 

Today, Newcastle's playmaker, Yohan Cabaye, arrived in Paris for his medical. In laymen's terms, the deal is done. Medicals rarely ever result in the player returning to his team the next day (although Inter's Adriano might have failed a few medicals, not sure).

What does this mean for Newcastle going forward? A lot of weight will be placed on Hatem Ben Arfa's shoulders. Ben Arfa is a brilliant player, who has suffered a few injuries, and has a temperament. Extremely competitive. When he has a good day, oppositions do not. Time will tell if he can take over the slack from Cabaye's departure.

And what about Menez? Jeremy Menez, who seemed like surplus before, appears even more so now. His decision to leave Roma for the money must seem geniusful now. Not sure a player can make it onto Les Bleus without playing for a club.

And for PSG, they are only getting stronger. Their great weakness is that their league is not going to temper their strengths and weaknesses for the Champions League, and eventually, like Lyon learned, so shall PSG. A strong league makes a strong league champion. 

Also a strong lesson for Juventus... But I digress.
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