Jeff Brubach

Contract Year Players

Created on Jul. 04, 2013 8:19 AM EST

Of the laundry list of things that motivate NFL players, the only thing that rivals holding the Lombardi Trophy and telling the world “what you’re gonna do next” is the root of all evil, money. So what could be better to motivate a player than a shiny new contract?  The “contract year player” theory doesn’t always lead to increased production, as it takes 11 players on each side of the football to make a single play successful, but it does provide a bit of extra motivation for players looking for every extra competitive edge possible. In fantasy football terms, players playing for new contracts are definite targets for those who subscribe to the theory that the allure of a giant bag of money makes players perform better. Even for those fantasy fiends that don’t rely on the financial standing of NFL players to dictate who they draft, any contract year player is worth monitoring with the potential for increased production. Let’s check out a few players who will be playing for new contracts this season as they prepare to hit the open market in 2014.

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