Scott Daniels

Contracts The Eagles Need To Keep And Cut For 2013

Created on Mar. 01, 2013 12:00 PM EST

The Philadelphia Eagles have always shown frugality and solid business acumen when it comes to signing free agents. They have long been regarded as an organization that pays players not for what they’ve accomplished, but rather what they expected to accomplish going forward.

While the Eagles have always maintained a strong reputation for attaining quality players at reasonable costs, they have made some missteps. And just like the Eagles, not every team strikes gold with its free agent acquisitions, but the teams that exhibit shrewdness and wisdom with contract negotiations often standout as elite among their peer organizations.

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, the Eagles have seven opportunities to bring in fresh, young talent—assuming, of course, they don’t trade any picks away. While we won’t know how good this new crop of talent will be until the season begins, the Eagles need to do a better job in reassessing their current roster and the contract agreements still in place. Here’s a list of some of the best and worst contracts the Eagles have heading into the 2013 season.

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