Contracts The Redskins Love And Hate For 2013

Created on Feb. 21, 2013 12:00 PM EST

The Washington Redskins, like the other 31 NFL teams, are engaged in the annual offseason dance with the salary cap. Unlike their 31 brethren—save for the Cowboys who are carrying a $5 million cap hit—the Redskins’ task includes the complicating factor of absorbing the other half of a league-levied $36 million cap penalty into their 2013 budget. What’s $18 million among friends, agents and players, though?  Well, its $18 million whacked from an approximately $120 million salary cap—allegedly, a 15% penalty for not playing nice in the league’s sandbox during the 2010 uncapped season.

While the ‘Skins are challenging the league penalty, the likely reality is they will be managing a lower cap number than every other NFL team. That makes the analysis of the team’s current contracts—the identification of bargains, must-haves, luxuries and overpriced assets—absolutely critical to sustaining the refreshing but fragile goodwill the team created during the 2012 season. 

So who are the discount rock stars and overpriced names on the ‘Skins’ roster? Identifying any NFL team’s best and worst contracts starts and nearly ends with segregating the young and cheap from the old and overpriced. The best contracts reside almost exclusively in the former group, while the worst contracts virally roam in the latter.

With that tried and true tenet as a guide, here are the best and worst contract situations facing the ‘Skins entering the 2013 season.

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