Mike Edler

Could Gruden Or Gregg Williams Replace Munchak?

Created on Nov. 23, 2013 4:32 AM EST

With the Titans struggling to put together wins these past few weeks, and the debacle that was the Colts game last Thursday, this is the beginning of the end for Mike Munchak. He just hasn’t given the new ownership any indication that he is the man for the job, and frankly he hasn’t been very good. Munchak might very well be fired at season’s end, but who can the Titans bring in to replace him?

David Shaw:

Stanford’s head coach follows in the footsteps of his former boss Jim Harbaugh and becomes the head coach of a franchise in need of a facelift. Shaw would have been the ideal replacement for Jeff Fisher years ago, but he was nowhere near the established coach he is now. Shaw is a dark horse candidate if the Titans are looking to ride his current success at Stanford

Jon Gruden:

Now this is a little farfetched and very high profile, but with ownership showing that they will throw a little money around, why not? Gruden has been out of couching for years now, but he has stayed close to the game and even gives an “entry exam” to each years' rookies on ESPN. Gruden hasn’t lost his edge and if anyone can turn around a team stuck in mediocrity purgatory, I believe that man is Jon Gruden.

Gregg Williams:

I actually believe this is the most likely scenario for the Titans. They are a team that has had two head coaches for as long as I can remember, and each one was in the organization before hand. Williams has head-coaching experience and has earned the trust of the Titans' players. He could easily be plugged in, and can pick and choose what coaches on the current staff he would like to keep. This makes the most sense and would be a very predictable move from the Titans.

Now it is no guarantee that the Titans fire Mike Munchak, but given his body of work I can’t imagine a scenario where the Titans employ him in 2014. Of course there will be other candidates that come out of the woodwork, and in the end, the Titans aren’t a team that make huge splashes when it comes to hiring’s. This could be the first major move the new ownership can make that will get the Titans out of the endless pit of mediocrity that it currently dwells in.

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