Allen Kim

Cowboys DT Josh Brent Retires From The NFL

Created on Jul. 18, 2013 2:50 PM EST

Ending all of the speculation following Josh Brent’s continued presence on the Dallas Cowboys roster, the former defensive tackle has retired from the NFL after three seasons, according to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports.

Brent, who’s currently on probation and facing intoxication manslaughter charges, made the decision with training camp just about to start for Dallas. While his decision to retire is more of a formality at this point considering the charges he’s facing, it must certainly be a relief for many in the Dallas area to have this situation resolved.

"This is the right decision for me, and something that I have given a lot of thought to," Brent said in an official statement. "I am at a point where my main focus is all about getting the priorities in my life in order. Those priorities are more important than football. Doing the right things in life are more important than football. I love the game very much. I love my teammates, but this is the right thing for me to do."

The Cowboys inexplicably left Brent on their roster even after the charges and continued violations of the terms of his probation. The Cowboys have shown little class in doing so, and Brent took the decision out of their hands by retiring. While nowhere near as egregious as some of Aaron Hernandez’s actions, the Cowboys should have taken a page out of the Patriots’ playbook and cut him loose immediately following the arrest.

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