Jonah Diltz

Cowboys Trade Away Rosario And Lissemore

Created on Sept. 03, 2013 12:40 PM EST

The Dallas Cowboys decided to prepare for their future by trading two players for future draft picks. DL Sean Lissemore was sent to the San Diego Chargers for a 2015 seventh-round draft pick. Also, TE Dante Rosario who signed with Dallas this offseason was sent to the Chicago Bears for a 2014 seventh-round pick. 

Sean Lissemore, who signed a three-year contract last season, was having trouble adjusting to the new defensive scheme implemented by defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Lissemore seems to fit perfectly with the Chargers 3-4 defense. He is not going to be a Week 1 starter, but he will be a provide a solid backup that can push the starters to work harder.

The Cowboys next trade was TE Dante Rosario, who was sent to be paired with Martellus Bennett in Chicago. The Cowboys still have four tight ends, with the starter being veteran Jason Witten.

Dallas gains two seventh-round draft picks that will help build their team in the next couple years. They will not lose too much at the tight end position because of Rosario, but will need to fill the gap at Lissemore's position. Overall, both trades benefited all the teams involved.

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