D.C.'s Draft Diamonds

Created on Apr. 16, 2013 9:33 AM EST

Alfred Morris (Sixth Round, 2012)

Okay, raise your hands if you thought the token sixth-round pick the Redskins received from Minnesota for Donovan McNabb would turn into this? Hmm…I see a few hands. Liars, all of you.

What is it with obscure Florida schools this year? Before Sherwood Brown and his fellow Florida Gulf Coast Eagles blew up everyone’s March Madness bracket, Florida Atlantic bequeathed Alfred Morris to downtrodden D.C. football fans. All Morris did following the 2012 NFL Draft was drive his 1991 Mazda 626 up I-95, play his way onto the Redskins’ roster and set a franchise record for single-season rushing yards.

Morris, a refreshingly humble young man, is a patient runner; uses a shifty, stutter-step style to elude defenders; and always seems to fall forward at the end of runs. Morris played Robin to fellow rookie Robert Griffin III’s Batman last season, but it was AM1 (you heard that here first), not RGIII, who led the Redskins’ final push to a division title.

Maybe trading for Donovan McNabb wasn’t a complete bust after all.

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