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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Injuries


Date Player POS Injury Game Status Practice Status
Jan/06/2015 Terrell McClain DT Ankle Questionable Did Not Participate
Jan/06/2015 James Hanna TE Knee Probable Full Participation
Jan/06/2015 Jeremy Mincey DE Concussion Questionable Full Participation
Jan/01/2015 Tyrone Crawford DE Illness Questionable Did Not Participate
Dec/30/2014 Anthony Hitchens OLB Ankle Questionable Did Not Participate
Dec/30/2014 Nick Hayden DT Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Dec/30/2014 C.J. Spillman DB Groin Probable Limited Participation
Dec/23/2014 Josh Brent DT Calf Probable Full Participation
Dec/18/2014 Brandon Weeden QB Personal Probable Did Not Participate
Dec/16/2014 Doug Free OT Ankle Doubtful Did Not Participate
Dec/16/2014 Zack Martin G Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/10/2014 Josh Brent DT Calf/Personal Out of game Did Not Participate
Dec/09/2014 Jeremy Mincey DE Personal Probable Full Participation
Nov/30/2014 Tyron Smith T Illness Unknown Full Participation
Nov/30/2014 Demarcus Lawrence DE Chest Probable Full Participation
Nov/27/2014 Ryan Miller OL Groin Unknown Did Not Participate
Nov/25/2014 Andrew Gachkar LB Knee Unknown Full Participation
Nov/23/2014 Jeff Heath DB Thumb Probable Full Participation
Nov/23/2014 Terrance Williams WR Finger Unknown Full Participation
Nov/23/2014 Jack Crawford DE Thumb Out of game Did Not Participate
Nov/23/2014 Dekoda Watson LB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Nov/18/2014 Josh Brent DT Groin Unknown Full Participation
Nov/18/2014 Tyler Patmon CB Knee/Ankle Probable Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 James Hanna TE Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Rolando McClain LB Knee/Concussion Questionable Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Anthony Hitchens OLB Chest Unknown Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Nick Hayden DT Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Barry Church SAF Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Tyrone Crawford DE Knee Unknown Full Participation
Oct/30/2014 Jeremy Mincey DE Illness Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/30/2014 Dekoda Watson LB Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Oct/28/2014 Ronald Leary T Groin Unknown Full Participation
Oct/28/2014 Brandon Carr CB Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Oct/15/2014 Cameron Lawrence OLB Thigh Unknown Full Participation
Oct/14/2014 Tyron Smith T Ankle Unknown Full Participation
Oct/14/2014 Doug Free OT Foot Unknown Full Participation
Oct/09/2014 Jack Crawford DE Calf Unknown Full Participation
Oct/08/2014 Tyler Patmon CB Illness Probable Full Participation
Oct/07/2014 Dekoda Watson LB Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Oct/07/2014 Cameron Lawrence OLB Thigh Questionable Did Not Participate
Sep/30/2014 Corey White CB Foot Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/23/2014 James Anderson LB Thigh Probable Full Participation
Sep/23/2014 Terrell McClain DT Concussion Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/16/2014 Rolando McClain LB Groin/Personal Unknown Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Ken Bishop DT Illness Unknown Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Gavin Escobar TE Knee Unknown Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Davon Coleman DT Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/16/2014 Dez Bryant WR Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 Joseph Randle RB Concussion Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/10/2014 Greg Hardy DE Non-Injury Related Unknown Full Participation
Sep/10/2014 Lavar Edwards DE Knee Questionable Full Participation
Sep/09/2014 Keith Rivers LB Groin Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/09/2014 C.J. Spillman DB Groin Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/03/2014 Terrance Williams WR Back Unknown Full Participation
Sep/03/2014 Zack Martin G Foot Unknown Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Tony Romo QB Back Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Darrion Weems T Shoulder Unknown Did Not Participate
Sep/02/2014 Terrell McClain DT Ankle Unknown Full Participation
May/26/2014 Sean Lee LB Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
May/26/2014 Sean Lee LB Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
Dec/26/2013 Dekoda Watson LB Groin Questionable Did Not Participate
Dec/24/2013 Tony Romo QB Back Out of game Did Not Participate
Dec/24/2013 Dekoda Watson LB Groin Unknown Did Not Participate
Dec/24/2013 Dez Bryant WR Back Probable Limited Participation
Dec/18/2013 Brandon Carr CB Illness Probable Did Not Participate
Dec/17/2013 Terrance Williams WR Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/03/2013 Brandon Weeden QB Concussion, Knee Probable Full Participation
Nov/26/2013 Gavin Escobar TE Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Nov/24/2013 Nick Hayden DT Ribs Probable Full Participation
Nov/24/2013 Dez Bryant WR Back Probable Full Participation
Nov/24/2013 J.J. Wilcox FS Knee Probable Full Participation
Nov/20/2013 Greg Hardy DE Knee Probable Full Participation
Nov/19/2013 Sean Lee LB Neck Out of game Did Not Participate
Nov/05/2013 Dez Bryant WR Back Probable Limited Participation
Nov/05/2013 Darren McFadden RB Knee, Ankle Probable Full Participation
Nov/05/2013 Nick Hayden DT Ribs Probable Limited Participation
Oct/29/2013 Dekoda Watson LB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Oct/29/2013 Barry Church SAF Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/29/2013 Morris Claiborne CB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/23/2013 J.J. Wilcox FS Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
Oct/22/2013 Dez Bryant WR Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/22/2013 Nick Hayden DT Back Probable Limited Participation
Oct/22/2013 Ronald Leary T Knee Probable Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 James Anderson LB Back Probable Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 Lavar Edwards DE Shoulder Questionable Full Participation
Oct/08/2013 Lance Dunbar RB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Oct/08/2013 Barry Church SAF Nose Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Jeremy Mincey DE Concussion Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Greg Hardy DE Illness Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Darren McFadden RB Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Jasper Brinkley LB Groin Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Brandon Weeden QB Thumb Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Dez Bryant WR Back Probable Full Participation
Sep/11/2013 Corey White CB Illness Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/10/2013 Morris Claiborne CB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/10/2013 Tony Romo QB Ribs Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Ronald Leary T Knee Unknown Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Jeremy Mincey DE Illness Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Lance Dunbar RB Foot Probable Full Participation
Dec/12/2012 Morris Claiborne CB Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Jed Collins FB Toe Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Dez Bryant WR Finger Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/05/2012 James Anderson LB Back Questionable Full Participation
Dec/05/2012 Corey White CB Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
Nov/27/2012 Jasper Brinkley LB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/21/2012 Jack Crawford DE Toe Probable Full Participation
Nov/18/2012 Tyron Smith T Ankle Probable Full Participation
Sep/25/2012 Darren McFadden RB Ankle Probable Full Participation