Despite Black Cloud, Dolphins Can Celebrate Perfection

Created on Nov. 19, 2013 4:49 AM EST

You have a lot to be happy about this week Dolphins fans! And it's not just the win Miami achieved Sunday afternoon over the San Diego Chargers. You can also celebrate a win that still lives on from over four decades ago. Whether you were alive or not at the time, the players and coaches of the 1972 Miami Dolphins get to celebrate an achievement that again will not be matched this season.


Somewhere Mercury Morris is smiling and coming up with new rap lyrics. He'll be joined by Larry Csonka, Coach Don Shula and other players still alive from that magical season. Although I doubt those guys consider themselves good at "rapping." But one thing they have become good at, is popping champagne. The players from the 1972 team get to do just that and rejoice yet again, as their record still stands for its 41st season and counting.

On a night when the Dolphins keep their season alive and insert themselves back into the thick of the AFC Wild Card hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs were exposed by the Denver Broncos late Sunday night. Which means no team will finish this season undefeated. The 2007 New England Patriots gave Mercury and his comrades the biggest scare, getting all the way to the Super Bowl undefeated, only to lose to Eli Manning and the New York Giants. (Thanks Eli!)

The Dolphins can celebrate the present and the past. Not many teams can say the same.

But even after the Dolphins defeated the Chargers 20-16, the players will have to come into work Monday, and again on Tuesday, to face questions from NFL investigator Ted Wells about the ongoing "bullying" saga between Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and the relationships with those players. The coaches of the Dolphins will also be a focal point of Wells' investigation. Offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey have been reported to be the center of this investigation, as they were around Martin and Incognito the most in meetings, practice and off the field away from the facility as well.

Going forward, the players will be asked even harder to focus on the task at hand and push away the distractions. Keep winning football games needs to be the motto for this team. Miami can control their destiny into the playoffs. They are chasing the New York Jets, who are also 5-5, but have the tiebreaker with a better division record. However, they play the Jets twice in the last six weeks, including a Week 17 matchup. They also play the Pittsburgh Steelers three weeks from now, who have surprisingly gotten back into the playoff hunt, despite a 4-6 record.

While Miami can only control what they do each week from here on out, the fans that have stuck with this team through the good and bad times (right now), can bask in the glory of perfection in 1972. It is time Dolphins fans push aside this ongoing scandal and look for some something positive to celebrate.

So cheers to Morris, Csonka, Griese, coach Shula and the rest of the '72 Dolphins. You still stand atop the mountain of NFL perfection for yet another season.

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