Allen Kim

Details Over Von Miller Suspension Revealed

Created on Sept. 22, 2013 5:52 PM EST

While there were some rumors surrounding the reason for Denver Broncos LB Von Miller’s suspension, nothing concrete has come out until today. ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported earlier that Miller, with the help of a urine collector, tried to cheat the testing program.

A second collector discovered that Miller was not present when the supposed urine test was administered, and that’s when an investigation found out that the collector helping Miller substituted his sample for another person’s.

This would explain why Miller’s suspension was raised to six games instead of the typical four games that players are given for breaking the banned substance policy. The NFL pursued a one-year ban, but after they discovered the collector’s involvement, they settled on six games.

The collector that tried to help Miller cheat the test has been dismissed, and the NFL is going to further review their testing program.

Miller needs to get his act together before the NFL decides to levy a harsher penalty on him for any further violation of the rules, and he could very well face a one-year suspension if he has any serious infractions. Miller will also have to fight the perception that he uses performance-enhancing drugs, and he’ll be under intense scrutiny from here on out.

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