David Gawkowski

Did the Jets Make the Right Cuts?

Created on Sept. 04, 2013 6:00 AM EST

The Jets made their final cuts over the weekend in order to get their roster down to 53 players. But, are they the right 53 players? Reviewing the final roster a cynic might even say, why did they stop at 53? Seriously though, looking at the depth chart, it's clear the Jets are not very deep at several positions, and it's easy to question a few of their moves. Here are five observations on the final roster.  

1.) Bye, bye wide receivers. Among the final cuts on Saturday were wide receivers Ben Obamanu, Mohamed Massaquoi, Michael Campbell and Zach Rogers. The Jets told them to go long ... and never come back. While none of these players were likely going to threaten Calvin Johnson's single season yardage record, it might have been beneficial to keep one of them. Obamanu had played very well and showed a nack for getting open. Mossaquai had just been signed supposedly for depth, and at least had a track record of some success with the Browns, which is a tough place to have any success. It's hard to believe Braylon Edwards couldn't have warranted a further look. The Jets will now go into the season with the gimpy Santonio Holmes, unproven Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates and rookie free agent Ryan Spadola, who everyone is hoping is the next Wayne Chrebet. It's not exactly a group that is going to strike fear into the hearts of secondaries across the NFL. 

2.) Nick Folk, the unwanted kicker who won't leave: Nick Folk is the quintessential average NFL kicker. He makes the kicks he should make and usually misses the ones you expect him to miss. He's reliable in his own special way. His career percentage is 77.9, which is perfectly average and helped out greatly by his second year in Dallas when he kicked at a 91 percent clip. He's also never missed an extra point. If the Jets scored more TDs, that might be more impressive. Still, the Jets were looking for an upgrade and brought in two kickers, Billy Cundiff and Matt Carpenter, to compete with him. Neither rose to the challenge, so Folk managed to hold them both off. However, he'd better get his season off on the right foot (sorry, couldn't resist), or it won't be long before the Jets will be holding mid-week auditions.

3.) Matt Simms has an arm. Quarterback Matt Simms parlayed a fine game against the second- and third-string Eagles defense into a roster spot. Despite the level of competition he faced, it was a smart move to keep him over Greg McElroy. Simms' throws have that extra zip that can often be the difference between an interception and a completion. Watching his passes compared to Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez, I thought my television was on fast-forward. Even though the Jets have now added the underwhelming Brady Quinn to the mix, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see Simms get several starts this year. 

4.) Running Back Carousel Still Spinning: It's not often that a team cuts its leading preseason rusher, but the Jets did just that when they surprisingly released Khalil Bell to make room for the newly signed Alex Green. Between Green, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell, the Jets are hoping someone steps up and emerges as a back they can rely to move the chains and break the occasional big play that has been so sorely missed in recent years. 

5.) Where Will the Sacks Come From? In four preseason games, the Jets managed only nine sacks. Now Quinton Coples has a fractured ankle, which is a huge loss for a team that doesn't feature a preeminent pass rusher. For these reasons, the Jets were wise to keep defensive end Leger Douzable on the roster. He was one few lineman other than Sheldon Richardson and Coples to show speed around the edge, and his two sacks tied for the team lead. It would behoove Rex Ryan to find him some playing time this week. 

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