Matt LaPan

Comparing Draft Prospects To NFL Players

Created on Mar. 17, 2013 1:03 PM EST

Keenan Allen and Vincent Jackson

Allen is one of the most complete prospects in the 2013 draft, with the size (6-2, 206), speed and quickness to be an all-around receiving threat. Allen uses his size to overpower smaller cornerbacks at the line of scrimmage, but also has quick feet and release moves that allow him to get past larger cornerbacks. Once Allen gets separation he uses long, sprinter-like strides to attack the deep third of the field. 

When evaluating Allen's game, it is hard not to see similarities to Bucs wideout Vincent Jackson, who is bigger (6-5, 230) but also displays deceptive speed. Much like Allen, Jackson uses his size to go through smaller defenders but still has the speed do get past larger defenders. Jackson also does a great job attacking the ball, or "high-pointing" it, when he gets down field. 

Their biggest similarity is the ability to attack the middle of the field. Both Allen and Jackson run crisp slant and in routes, then use their size to absorb -- and sometimes deliver -- the punishment associated with going over the middle.

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