Matt LaPan

Comparing Draft Prospects To NFL Players

Created on Mar. 16, 2013 2:06 PM EST

Eddie Lacy and Steven Jackson

Eddie Lacy fits the mold of a dying breed of running backs in the NFL, the three-down power back. Using a combination of vision, quick feet, powerful legs and a low center of gravity to overpower defenders, Lacy can hit holes for short to mid-range bursts up the middle. He has enough speed to get outside the tackles, but in the open field relies on power rather than the ability to "shake" defenders.

Lacy played college ball in the SEC and his running style will be seen again in that part of the country now that Steven Jackson has signed as a free agent with the Atlanta Falcons. Jackson was once a rare combination of size, speed and agility, but a nine-year career has cost him some speed. He now relies on his elite ability to burst through holes up the middle to gain most of his yards. Jackson is a bigger back, like Lacy, and has great footwork, powerful legs and limited bursts of speed.

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