Matt LaPan

Comparing Draft Prospects To NFL Players

Created on Mar. 17, 2013 1:07 PM EST

Chance Warmack and Jahri Evans

Warmack is one of the elite players is the 2013 draft class. He is a big, intimidating interior lineman that is worthy of a top-10 pick. He is a naturally powerful run blocker who explodes out of his stance and delivers a powerful hand strike. He moves extremely well for a 315-plus pound player with the quick burst that allows him to get to the second level and block linebackers on run plays. Once he gets to the second level, Warmack makes it nearly impossible to get off his blocks, using his powerful frame to dominateĀ opponents.

This dominant style of play has been seen in New Orleans for the past three years with guard Jahri Evans, who emerged as one of the best linemen in theĀ NFL with his dominating run blocking. Evans' first step is strong but his hand strike stuns opponents, allowing Evans to secure the block. Evans uses elite footwork to block at the second level and often overpowers multiple opponents on run plays.

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