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Drafted Bulldogs: How They Fit

Created on May. 04, 2013 1:00 PM EST

The Georgia Bulldogs had eight players drafted in last week's NFL Draft.

Some of the players drafted fit perfect with their teams, while others we're still unclear about what their roles will be.

One thing is for sure, with eight players drafted, Georgia will continue to have the most former players on NFL rosters.

So, how do the eight drafted players fit in with their drafted teams?


This was a perfect fit for Jones and the Steelers. Jones comes in and fills the void left by James Harrison, who signed with the Bengals as a free agent.

Pittsburgh has lacked that big, young hitter the last few years and Jones will bring that to the table.

Also figure the Steelers run a 3-4 defense that likes to get heat on a quarterback from the edge. Is there anything that better describes Jones than an edge rusher who can get to the quarterback?

There's no question Jones will be a starter from Day 1.


Ogletree gives St. Louis another big, bruising linebacker, which it already has in James Laurinaitis.

One thing St. Louis struggled with last year was stopping the run, mainly due to the lack of speed in the middle. However, Ogletree brings that speed. He can get to the ball-carrier, giving Laurinaitis a chance to come in and clean up the play.

Like Jones, Ogletree should start from Day 1.


For the Saints, this is a great draft pick as he fits exactly what they're looking for in a nose tackle.

Between the SEC Championship and the NFL Draft, Jenkins dropped 38 pounds down to 332.

Now lighter on his feet, Jenkins should be able to get off the ball better and not be out of position when offensive linemen engage him.

It may take him through the end of the year, but by December, Jenkins will be a solid contributor on defense.


What is it with the Cincinnati Bengals and drafting UGA players? Williams will be the seventh player on the Bengals' roster this year, but he's not just bringing his alma-mater to the table.

Williams is a born leader in the secondary. The Bengals needed a good strong safety in the draft, and that's exactly what they got in Williams.

Williams is going to cause the most damage in the run game, where he will come up and lay a good hit on any ball-carrier. He has the ability to make game-changing plays from that position, which is why the Bengals drafted him.


There are some people who believe Commings can be this year's Richard Sherman.

He has good size, speed and hands and will make an instant impact for the Chiefs.

The largest reason he dropped was because of his off-field transgressions, but those seem to be behind him now.

What isn't clear is if Commings will stay at cornerback or move to free safety. If he moves to the safety position, he could have a chance to come in and start right away.


This was the biggest question mark of all UGA draft picks. I'm not saying that King wasn't deserving to go where he did, but to the Denver Broncos?

With Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker already taking the top three spots, King is going to be fighting just to make the team out of training camp. If anything, the best he'll be is a special-teams contributor.

The pick makes no sense because there won't be a use for King.


Julius Peppers is starting to get older and the Bears need to continue to develop pass rushers.

Enter Washington, who has the ability to be molded into an elite pass rusher.

This year, however, Washington is going to have to earn his stripes on special teams. He has great speed and can be a real asset there.

By next year, he'll be a fixture in the rotation, making an impact week-in and week-out.


Rambo is a very risky pick, considering his history of suspensions.

However, if he can stay clean off the field, Rambo will be a good player on it.

The one thing to like about Rambo is that he's very opportunistic and can exploit weaknesses of a quarterback. He's a great zone player and will find himself making plays early on this season.

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