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Drake, Psy Launch Football Tributes on the Web

Created on May. 24, 2013 4:41 AM EST

Music is a strong indicator of where society is and where it is heading.   

Three days ago, Drake, a prominent rapper, took to Twitter in order to welcome Mario Balotelli's arrival to the social network.   

Drizzy tweeted, "@FinallyMario My brother is finally on twitter!!!! Superrrrrrrr Mario!!!!!!"  

Since joining Twitter in the last week, Balotelli has accumulated just over 612,000 followers and has tweeted 145 times.  

Drake is a friend of the AC Milan star. The duo were spotted at parties in Manchester last year. Aubrey 'Drake' Graham gave his footballing pal a shout-out in a line on one of his newest tracks, '5AM in Toronto,' a story which has been covered by    However, that is not all Drake did on Twitter, as he recently changed his profile picture in somewhat of a tribute to the Italian striker. The new icon for the Grammy-winning artist's account is a photo of @Drizzy wearing a white t-shirt with a print of the Milan forward celebrating a goal with his arms outstretched.  

Aside from the world of rap, pop star and South Korean phenom Psy, known for his hit song 'Gangnam Style,' dropped a music video for his latest top record 'Gentleman.' After the first ring of the track's chorus, Psy appears on a football pitch and is surrounded by several young children. The man known for his outlandish dance moves dribbles by the kids before kicking the ball out of the camera's view. He then hops around the field.   

Psy's video has generated just under 358 million hits worldwide.   

Drake boasts 11 million followers on Twitter.  

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