Joe Coughlin

Drama Returns To Saturday Football

Created on Sept. 26, 2013 3:42 PM EST

The series finale of “Dexter” was fine. I enjoyed it.

I won’t divulge too much, but on the positive side, it was cathartic and rational. I felt cleansed in a way as the show rides off into the sunset.

On the other side, though, it was hokey and left me comfortably lounging in my La-Z-Boy.

Some serious stuff went down. There’s no denying that, but I thought the presentation and lead-up was left at the station when the drama train rolled through. It wasn’t played right. And that’s what I am asking for.

I want to be floored. I want to have my emotions pulsing inside me and forcing themselves out through my pores.

Dramatic? Exactly.

When I am watching entertainment, I want to be entertained  — to the fullest. For many reasons, that’s why I love sports — it’s why I play, it’s why I watch, it’s why I write. We talk and perceive sports as more serious than a glorified TV show, but really, that's it. They are entertainment. Talented human beings are mastering their craft against human beings with similar powers. And within a set of rules and procedures, it’s unfolding before our eyes.

We are the audience. We need to be entertained.

The fourth week of the college football season (last week) was like a power action movie. There are things blowing up all over the place, but none of it really makes sense. I ask myself, why isn’t someone stopping this?

There was drama to start the year. We saw great battles as Clemson outlasted Georgia, Alabama bested Texas A&M and Arizona State fell on Wisconsin. But the real drama — the drama that will hold until November — starts with this week’s schedule.

Here are four must-watch games. Prepare to be floored.

LSU at Georgia

3:30 p.m. (EST) Saturday

This game has more story lines than you think. For starters, it’s two Top-10-ranked teams in the same conference. But it means oh-so-much more than that. Georgia already has a loss, so another would almost surely flush them from title contention. The Tigers are starting to gather more attention for their early-season swagger and can’t afford a loss before playing their SEC West counterparts (Bama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, etc.). Essentially, they are all still playing with a chip named Roll Tide on their shoulder. Who is the next-best-team in the SEC? It'll be proven on the field. 

Wisconsin at Ohio State

8 p.m. (EST) Saturday

Wisconsin should be 4-0. The Badgers were hosed Week 3 in the desert by Arizona State — scratch that, the officials. Either way, Wisconsin bounced back with a conference win and 400 more rushing yards. Ohio State has confused some pundits, who have yet to see a true dominance from the national-title-chasing Buckeyes. We’re going to see what OSU is made of, while watching the best running game in the nation. 

Oklahoma at Notre Dame

3:30 p.m. (EST) Saturday

I’ve written about not buying into the Irish’s fool’s gold. Tommy Rees didn’t steal the starting job in past years for a reason. And the defense is soft at the second and third levels. Then, there’s Oklahoma, one of those teams that just could slowly work its way into the country’s Top 5. I don’t necessarily think Oklahoma State is the class of the Big 12, and we’ve already seen the cracks in Texas. That being said, the Sooners need a road win here to remain in the conversation.

Arizona at Washington

7 p.m. (EST) Saturday

Before you tell me there are better games in the SEC, this one is going to explode. Trust me! This is your upset special for the week. We’ve got some stars in RB Ka’Deem Carey for the ‘Cats and QB Keith Price and RB Bishop Sankey for the Huskies. Both teams are in the country’s Top 10 in rushing yards, too, so expect Carey and Sankey to get a healthy workload. Neither team has given up many points, but the Huskies looked vulnerable at times against Illinois. I think Arizona walks into Washington and runs out with a big win.

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