Evian TG

Founded In
Thonon-les-Bains, France

About Evian TG

Evian Thonon Gaillard FC has one of the most unique histories in all of French football and was not founded in its current state until 2007. That said, the club has a history dating all the way back to the formation of FC Gaillard in the 1920s. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the club joined forces with another side, Ville-la-Grand. Subsequently, in 2007, the new combined club and Olympique Thonon-Chablais created an additional union. Finally, in 2009, after a series of name changes coinciding with these unions, the club's name was changed to Evian TG.

Starting in 2009, Evian put plans in motion to move to a stadium in Switzerland, called the Stade de la Praille. The move was proposed due to the fact that their stadium at the time fell beneath French league requirements. In 2010, the club gained approval from the French authorities, pending approval from UEFA. However, in June 2010, UEFA refused the club's proposal to move to Switzerland.

Since the name change in 2009, the club has enjoyed significant success, scaling the French league system at a rapid pace. This has partly been due to the money invested in the club by Franck Riboud. In 2009–10, they were crowned champions of the third tier, the Championnat National. The following season, Evian became champions of Ligue 2 and gained promotion to Ligue 1 for the first time. Over the course of the season, they also scored a surprising win over Olympique Marseille in the French Cup. In their first season of top flight football, Evian ended up in the top half, earning an impressive 9th place finish.

Some of the better known players to represent Evian TG over the years include Ghanaian international Jonathan Mensah and the seven-time Ligue 1 winner and French international Sidney Govou.

Evian's home matches take place at the Parc des Sports, which has a maximum capacity of 15,660. 

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